Is the most effective and sustainable way to clear vegetation for bushfire mitigation purposes. This involves cutting and chipping vegetation in place and returning that mulch to the ground to naturally break down, helping return nutrients back into the soil reducing erosion and decreasing evaporation without the need to clear vegetation to burn later minimising the amount of stockpiled dry vegetation on properties and the potential hazards that can present.


Keep your land growth under control with a regular or one off slash to ensure you are best prepared for the fire danger season. We can slash your terrain using our Terex and 6FT slasher to get the job done in a fast and effective manner. We also have a large John Deere ride on mower with catchers to remove excess material for a finer finish.


If your land requires new fire breaks or a clean up of existing fire breaks to comply with your Local Government regulations then we have the gear to assist, the Terex will get the job done with ease and for those tricky tight spots along fence lines, electricity poles we can use the EuroMulcher attachment on the Kubota 3.5T digger for seamless clearing.


Our machines have been proven to be effective on managing invasive trees and weeds such as blackberry bush mulching them onsite allowing for easier access if any follow up spraying is required.


Our machinery is suited to roadside vegetation clearing making the verges safer for motorists. Having a smaller footprint allows our machinery to work around all obstacles with ease such as above ground services, water pipes, electricity poles, fencing and culverts.

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