Land management, bushfire mitigation & land clearing services.

For domestic, commercial, agricultural and government clients on the Eyre Peninsula and beyond.

Offering a sustainable way to maintain your vegetation and reduce bushfire risk

  • Land and Vegetation Clearing
  • Fire Breaks
  • Slashing
  • Invasive Weed & Tree Control

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What are the benefits of using a Forestry Mulcher?

  • After mulching the vegetation breaks down much faster removing the fire fuel risk
  • The mulch left behind will help feed the soil with nutrients as it decomposes
  • Helps control invasive weed species
  • Helps to prevent weather erosion in cleared areas due to the mulch holding topsoil in place unlike conventional
    methods of totally removing the vegetation
  • Large fallen trees can be easily placed to create habitat or mulched in place
  • Significantly reduces the ladder fuel that can create intense crown fires
  • Very selective process only clearing areas and certain trees that are needed to be removed
  • No cross contamination as mulch stays in place

EP Vegetation Control took all the hard work out of cleaning up for the fire season.  Their specialist equipment made short work of woody weeds and dangerous undergrowth

W. MillerW. Miller

We received a letter from the Council to clean up our couple of acres in readiness for fire danger season and EP Vegetation Control provided a great value for money service, I was really happy with the results, will use them again

P. AP. A

Very professional service.  No job was too big or small, very happy working with EP Vegetation Control

J. SJ. S

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